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Reignite innovative conference delighted to announce that we are conducting the “Global Gastroenterology & Hepatology Conference” (GGHC-2021) on March 05, 2021.

We cordially welcome all the eminent speakers, academicians, scientists, researchers, graduate students, and business delegates to share the research work on Gastroenterology and hepatology.

A number of studies have highlighted the rapid growth of gastrointestinal diseases during the past two decades. Both incidence and prevalence rates have shown a notable rise, with scientists pointing out that GI diseases are increasingly the cause of morbidity and mortality in Asian countries. As per the studies, more than two billion people have been infected with hepatitis at some point in their life and 425 million people had suffering worldwide in 2017. Among them, more than 60% of people are from Asian countries. Deaths from cirrhosis have been increasing and it is the 12th leading cause of death in 2020. The main aim of the conference is to create awareness about these diseases and their management to change the lifestyle of people and make them healthy.

Our conference addresses the following:

  • Talks on the latest advancements in Gastroenterology and Hepatology
  • Discuss the models for creating and managing a financially viable clinical practice
  • Make a network between physicians practicing hepatology and liver transplant programs.
  • Discuss the healthcare regulations

We are providing a great opportunity for young researchers and students to present their on-going research work and get valuable feedback from our eminent speakers and they may even give advice on how to enhance their own work. It may provide new insight.

For any further information, please contact us at [email protected]

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